10 lessons I’ve learned in my career

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When I was 21, I moved to New York with almost no money but lots of nerves and excitement. Over the next fourteen years, I worked a bunch of different jobs and learned so much—sometimes the hard way! For career week, I’d love to share 10 things I’ve learned during my career…

If you’re curious, here’s a short recap of my (scribbly) career path:

* As a teenager, I tutored math, made pizzas, shoveled driveways, delivered newspapers, waited tables and babysat (for $2.50 an hour!).

* In college, I did research for professors and worked at an awesome coffee shop. During the summers, I interned for a publishing house in New York and a law firm in D.C.

* In my early twenties, I moved to New York to intern at Cosmopolitan Magazine, and taught Kaplan LSAT courses at night to pay rent. The next fall, I went to NYU law school, but was miserable and left after a year. I felt totally lost! Then I got a job at a boutique editorial and marketing firm, where we wrote and edited small custom magazines. After a few years, I was promoted to be the editor in chief of a start-up magazine called Bene. In the evenings, I kept tutoring the LSAT and also started a blog on the side, just for fun. My little brother helped me set it up and named it Cup of Jo. 🙂

* In my late twenties: When my blog got bigger, I left my full-time job and went freelance. I contributed to Cookie, Budget Travel and New York Magazine, where I wrote my favorite story of all time about people who wear only one color. I freelanced for Cookie Magazine’s design blog. I worked hard on my own blog and then landed a job at Glamour Magazine to launch their relationships blog, Smitten.

* In my thirties: When I turned 31, and was pregnant with Toby, I decided to leave Glamour (where I had been for two years) and focus on Cup of Jo full-time. That’s where I am now! (Here’s more about blogging as a career.)


So, here are ten things I’ve learned through the years and wish I could go back and tell my 21-year-old self (and I’d love to hear if you agree!)…

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