Digitize Your Work Experience and Get Hired


Computer screen reads Find my Job

Whether you’re gearing up for your post-graduation job hunt or looking for a summer job before starting your next year, there’s a lot to remember as a student or recent grad looking for employment! To beat the competition and maximize your chances of landing your dream job, put the power of the Internet behind your search.

SEO Your Resume

In the days before the Internet, the resume was the first introduction from the prospective employee to the employer. It was one directional with you sending the resume to the company. HR professionals did not have the will or resources to search long lists of applicants the way they do now.

Online job sites have made the search bidirectional, and search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to capitalize on it. Most job sites use a Google-driven search engine, so the same techniques that web masters use to raise a website’s rank can be used by you as a job seeker. Take a look at Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO for ideas to optimize your resume.

Create Your Personal Brand

It is no longer enough to sound good on paper. The successful job seeker needs to market herself the same way that a business would. She will become her own brand and promote it across her professional network.

The largest of these networks is LinkedIn, with more than 400 million members. This digital Internet platform is a place for business-related interactions and a showcase for your brand, a created character that should be the best parts of your true personality. Create a unique LinkedIn domain and use it to drive HR professionals to your personal brand.

Clean up Your Other Social Media

The story goes something like this: An HR executive, doing due diligence, Googles a prospect’s name and finds a Facebook page or personal blog that lists favorite sexual positions, the fuzzy details of an off-the-chain party and a vulgarity-laced rant about an ex-lover. Needless to say, the applicant does not land an interview.

Social media horror stories abound. Before you launch into a cohesive digital self-marketing plan, you will need to clean up your existing marketing. The stories may be real or stuff of urban legion but, in this digital age, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Develop a Personal Digital Resume

You can bring your personal digital brand together in one format with a digital resume. More robust than a paper document, a digital resume, which is a graphic representation of your work and training history, is a mini-webpage accessible on a powerful smartphone such as the Galaxy S6. It contains all of the normal job function information but provides more room to elaborate on other employment-ready aspects of your life.

Typically, a digital resume will have a tab for work history, another for examples of work and a different tab for information that will give the employer an idea of your work personality.

In developing your digital resume, think hierarchical. Place HR-important information first, and then allow the employer to drill down to more specific material about your nature.

Launch the Hunt

The practicality of job hunting is very different than the ideal. You may want a prospective employer to look at your beautiful, edgy and insightful digital resume, but they may want a paper resume delivered, heaven forfend, with an envelope and stamp. Your best line of attack is to have your information in every format possible and link one to the other.