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This page will provide you with unique resources to assist you as you make decisions throughout your university career.

University Services

The career services and student services staff are an excellent resource to consult when it comes to making a resume, preparing for a job interview, or standing out during the application process. They will arrange personalized sessions with you when preparing for a job, and have lots of resources designed to help you find a career that suits your background and interests. Visit the links provided for more information about their services and to set up an appointment today.

Online Job Banks

This page provides a comprehensive list of job search engines from around the web. Whether you are a social activist, an entrepreneur, a tree hugger, or are simply looking for some work experience, check out these Canadian job sites and see what you can find!

Your Career Personality

If you’re not sure what to do next, then these career tests are meant to help you figure out some possibilities. Whether you’re on the fence between two options or whether the door is wide open with possibilities, these tests are designed to narrow some possibilities and give you helpful suggestions for how your education, skills, personality and work, co-op or volunteer experience could point you in a good direction. Well it isn’t a be-all, end-all decider on what you can do, it could give you some ideas you’d never thought of before!

Job Market Trends

If you’re at the stage where you’re looking for a place where you could gain further education, training, or experience, and you want to know where the jobs are, take a peek at these resources. This could give you some ideas of where you should be applying – or not applying – for positions in the near future.

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