So you want to be an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurship has moved from the margins to the mainstream of university education in Ontario, and now almost half of Canada’s postsecondary students surveyed see themselves starting a business after graduation.

CIBC says Canadians are expected to become their own bosses at an accelerated pace in the coming decade, with more than half a million entrepreneurs creating their own jobs in the last year. More and more of them are young people in their 20s, putting to commercial use the innovation skills learned at our universities.

With this in mind, MyCareerInfo has compiled resources for students who are looking to create their own business or startup. Check out these resources and see if you can find something that can help get your own entrepreneurial idea or venture off the ground!

Entrepreneurship at Ontario Universities: Fuelling Success

Entrepreneurship at Ontario Universities

This report, compiled by the Council of Ontario Universities, outlines the extensive programs, business incubators, venture capital funds, and other resources available at Ontario universities for students wishing to launch a business or develop their entrepreneurial skills. If you are a student or recent graduate, take a look through and see what resources are available to you!

Youth Investment Accelerator Fund

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If you are under the age of 30 and are looking for further investment in a technology-based startup, check out Ontario’s Youth Investment Accelerator Fund for up to $250,000 of investment. Your business venture must meet the following to be eligible:

  • A total addressable market of at least $100 million, and a viable plan to penetrate it
  • Defensible intellectual property and/or a sustainable competitive advantage
  • The management and technical skills needed to successfully commercialize business.
  • The company is incorporated (or will be) under the Business Corporations Act.
  • The company is formed to commercially exploit intellectual property to which it has the unencumbered legal right to use.
  • The company pays 50 percent or more of its wages, salaries and fees to employees in Ontario.
  • The company has total revenues of less than $500,000 from the time of its incorporation.
  • The valuable of the net tangible assets of the company does not exceed $500,000.

StartUp Advice:

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Andrea Lown, Founder of

Andrea Lown, Founder of

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