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Ontario Job FUtures

Ontario Job Futures

Ontario Job Futures was developed by the Ontario government for use as a resource to help people exploring career choices. The site offers insight into possible occupations, job profiles, and employment outlooks for each occupation use projections of future job openings.

Research data shows future job shortages in many occupations that require a university education.

Does the constant news cycle of unemployment get you down? Don’t let it! According to a December 2012 CIBC Report by economist Benjamin Tal, about 30 per cent of businesses indicate they have a skills shortage in their employment sector. The majority of these require a university education to launch into these careers. If you have the educational background, these are sure places where you can find a job – A five page summary of the report can be found here: “The Haves and Have Nots of Canada’s Labour Market.


Chart of the top ten projected jobs for 2020 - Source: Canadian Business

Top ten projected jobs for 2020 – Source: Canadian Business, April 2013

See the full report on Canada’s Best Jobs by Canadian Business here.

Canada’s 100 Best Jobs in 2014: Canadian Business

CB Canada's Best Jobs 2014

Canadian Business ranked the 100 best jobs in the country for 2014. Here are the top 10:

  1. Lawyer
  2. Public Administration Director
  3. Oil & Gas Drilling Supervisor
  4. Primary Production Manager
  5. Health Care Manager
  6. Human Resources Manager
  7. Head Nurse & Medical Supervisor
  8. Social, Community & Correctional Services Manager
  9. Financial Administrator
  10. Electrical & Telecommunications Contractor

Click here to read the full list and analysis.

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