Your Career Personality

Some people come out of school knowing exactly what they should do, and set off to do it. Other people… not so much. If you’re looking for some guidance, why not try a career personality test? It’ll give you some suggestions for jobs that suit your own personality, skills, and desires.

Career Personality Quiz


Are you more introverted or extroverted? Intuitive or sensing? Thinking or feeling? Judging or perceiving? Based on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, this website will suggest both potential careers that fit with your strengths, as well as suggestions on how you can work best in a team. Check it out!




Career Path677-02609471

This website gives you the choice of six different career tests, which will assess different aspects of your personality, current job satisfaction, past employment, and overall future hopes and plans to help you find the direction you need. Give it a try!


Job Test Prep

Job Test PrepJob Test Prep hosts practice aptitude tests, including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, inductive reasoning, situational judgement, and interview Q & As. This webpage includes over one hour of practice sessions from popular assessments used by today’s employers. Visitors are not required to register for these free practice sessions.


Shobia Career Finder

Brain with colourful gears inside - Shobia logoThe Shobia Quiz – developed by David Gurevich – asks 25 questions that determine how interested you are in different types of work. The quiz is inspired by the Holland Code, which says jobs can be described by six categories of interest.




The Science of Character

Do you need some help identifying your major character strengths? In this film, Tiffany Schlain of the Moxie Institute explores how identifying and building upon our character strengths allows us to pursue more successful lives. Check it out and see which traits you identify with most!