Getting hired in a digital world


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As we become more globally connected the world of recruitment is becoming vastly different. Your first impression is no longer made in the interview but on the internet. Today’s blog from the Brighton School of Business & Management examines the realm of online recruitment and examine how it is shaping the workforce of tomorrow.

A new digital recruitment landscape

Almost all recruiters today use social media as part of the recruitment process; in fact, a staggering 94 per cent of recruiters actively use social media in order to find, vet and select candidates for an open position.

Social media is proving to be an effective method in finding candidates for roles, as employers who used social media to hire found a 49 per cent improvement in candidate quality over traditional methods of recruitment.

Today almost one third (30 per cent) of all Google searches are employment related, which amounts to a whopping 300 million recruiting related searches every month.

Social media & recruitment

While 94 per cent of recruiters use social media as part of their efforts, almost eight in 10 (78 per cent) have made a hire through social media. The truth is, social media is being used more and more as a recruitment tool.

LinkedIn by Numbers:

  • Worth $7.5 billion
  • Over 300 million users – that’s almost the population of the USA!
  • Over one billion LinkedIn endorsements
  • Over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches made during 2012
  • Forty-one per cent of LinkedIn visits are via mobile
  • LinkedIn has 5,000 employees
  • One million LinkedIn groups
  • The top five countries by user numbers are.
    • USA (93 million)
    • India (24 million)
    • Brazil (16 million)
    • UK (14 million)
    • Canada (9 million)
  • The top three fastest growing countries are:
    • Turkey
    • Colombia
    • Indonesia

Tips for tech savvy job seekers

Be cautious of turning over your personal information

  • There are a number of false job search sites out there that are exploiting personal information for illegal uses.
  • Beware of sites that:
    • Don’t name the people involved
    • Do not offer contact information
    • Have an inadequate privacy policy.
  • Use a separate email for job searching: Create an email that doesn’t say too much about you, if possible simply make it yourname@emailaddress.domain

Be careful of what you say and what you show online.

  • Clean up your social media sites and be prepared for someone checking up on what you have put out onto the web.

Beat a potential employer to the punch.

  • You know there is a chance a potential employer will check up on your social media sites, so add information to your sites and blogs about your work experience and volunteer work in order to help highlight your achievements.

Use the Internet to your advantage.

  • Go online and research a potential employer as well as the people who are interviewing you.

Don’t conduct your job search at your current employer’s expense.

  • Many companies monitor computer use and email and will know if you are job searching when you’re supposed to be working.