How to maintain a connection after a networking event



You shook hands, bonded over interesting conversations and jotted down a few numbers at a recent networking event. How do you stay relevant to these individuals and leave a lasting impression after your networking event is over? It requires a diligent effort on your part to maintain these connections. Here’s a checklist to keep you motivated and keep new contacts interested in the skills you offer.

Google Their Name

You’ve met several people at a networking event and want to know more information about them without appearing too intrusive. A simple Google can give you vital details to either provide further incentive to contact this individual or determine if it isn’t a great fit.

Reach out to Possible Mentors

If you clicked with a particular individual in your industry, be sure to stay in touch with him or her. At the beginning of your career, it can be especially helpful to have a mentor you can ask questions and who can offer an inside track perspective. Look over your notes and pinpoint two to three individuals who might fulfill this role and then reach out to them.

Connect via LinkedIn

Social media is a useful tool to stay connected without coming across as overbearing. Connect on LinkedIn to determine if you can cultivate an online relationship. This will also help you assess if you have common questions and offer an opportunity to get acquainted with others who might prove relevant to your industry.

Store Their Business Card Information

You collected a handful of business cards and one of them might help you land your next job. Add all of the business card information to a cloud storage server for quick access and to make certain you don’t lose these contact details. Sugar Sync is a cloud storage provider that offers immediate access on your mobile device, automatic backups, an ample amount of storage and an easy-to-use interface. If you need more information about this provider or to research others, Top 10 Cloud Storage is a great resource.

Reach out via a Phone Call

Sometimes a personal touch is the best way to help a relationship grow. After a few exchanges online and at networking events, reach out to your contact via phone and try to set up a lunch date to strengthen this connection. You may find it useful to preface the phone call with an email to let your contact know the reason why you are reaching out and how long you anticipate your conversation to last. Respecting your contact’s time is a professional gesture that can help build a lasting connection.

Continue to Research

To stay up-to-date on the companies you are interested in, periodically do research to determine current news, acquisitions and key hires. Use what you’ve learned to determine if you have something to offer and to have something to discuss with your mentor. Individuals will respect your commitment, so take initiative to capitalize on this opportunity.

The momentum of a networking event is important to preserve. If you are trying to secure a job, it is imperative to stay informed and prepared as soon as you learn of any opportunity that arises. Your efforts will pave the way for you to get ahead.