Government Bursaries and OSAP

Paying for university can pose a significant financial challenge to some students and their families, but help is available through your university and the government.

While half of undergraduate students are fortunate to graduate with no debt, scholarships, grants and loans are available for those who need it.

A university education is a valuable investment in your future and no qualified student should decide not to attend because of the cost.

What kind of aid is available?

OSAP: Things You Need to Know



In January 2012, the Ontario government announced that students can apply to get 30 per cent off the cost of their Ontario university tuition. Eligible full-time undergraduate students in 2013-2014 can now receive $865 for each term to save $1730 each year. Learn more about the program, eligibility and how to apply.

The OSAP Aid Estimator is a great tool to help you see how much you are eligible to receive based on your current situation. For all information relating to OSAP, including how to apply online, visit their official site.

OSAP consists of a combination of Canada Student Loans and Grants and Ontario loans and grants. Students enrolled in postsecondary education who apply and demonstrate a need for financial assistance are assessed for both federal and provincial assistance.

Graduating studentsStudent Access Guarantee

The Student Access Guarantee (SAG) ensures that every qualified student, no matter their financial means, will have access to a university education. It provides additional financial aid for tuition, books and mandatory fees, if these are not fully met by OSAP. Last year, the SAG helped over 58,000 students with the cost of their education.

If you’re applying for university out of high school, you’ll automatically be considered for SAG funding based on your OSAP application. If you qualify, the government will notify your university of how much aid they need to give you.

If you’re in a second-entry program (e.g. law, medicine or graduate programs) and you need additional financial support, you need to apply to your school’s financial aid office. The school will then decide what mix of repayable and non-repayable aid it will provide.

Financial Assistance by University

Select your university from the list below to learn more about what scholarships, bursaries and other financial aid is available to help you finance your education.

Algoma University
Brock University 

Carleton University 
University of Guelph 
Lakehead University 
Laurentian University 

McMaster University 
Nipissing University 
OCAD University
University of Ottawa 
Queen’s University 
Ryerson University 
University of Toronto 

Trent University
University of Waterloo
University of Western Ontario
Wilfrid Laurier University
University of Windsor
York University
Royal Military College