Marketing Your Mad Skills

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So you’ve got mad skills, but you’re having trouble marketing them? Well you’ve come to the right place!! In this section, you can learn about innovative techniques that job hunters are using to land themselves a top-notch position. And don’t forget to keep an eye on our News section for more posts related to resume-making, interviews, and job advice.

The Resume

Our resume is often the first thing an employer will see when it comes to the hiring process, especially if you’re applying online. We’ve compiled some creative resources for you to shine when preparing your resume!

The Interview

Interviews are a crucial part to winning over the employer in the hiring process. It is important to come prepared, look professional, and leave an impression that lasts. This site lists a variety of resources you can consult when preparing for the big interview.

Advice from employers

Get advice from the people who are looking to hire you! Check out these resources for tips from employers, bosses and professionals on what they are looking for in job applicants.

Visit university career services!

The career services staff are an excellent resource to consult when it comes to making a resume, preparing for a job interview, or standing out during the application process. They will arrange personalized sessions with you when preparing for a job, and have lots of resources designed to help you find a career that suits your background and interests. Visit them today!