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Ten Thousand Coffees

Ten Thousand Coffees is a place where students, recent grads or people in the middle of their careers can find industry professionals to gain advice, hear their stories and help kick start their careers, and where professionals can tap into the ideas, insights and talent of the next generation.

Through an online selection process, you are paired through your interests and milestones with an experienced professional so you can gain career advice, networking, industry insights, alumni connections and much more.

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The Secret Handshake

You walk into the tall corporate tower, take the elevator up to the 10th floor, and approach the office of what you hope to be your future employer. You ask for the manager, hand them your resume and they reach for your hand; through the entire process, you continue to ask yourself what it is that this employer wants, and how to nail that secret handshake. Well, this website knows how you feel. It has compiled one sentence advice from some of the top employer’s in North America on how to do perfect the whole application process. It’s awesome sauce, made just for you.

The Secret Handshake Screen Shot

The Secret Handshake Screen Shot

Tips from Employers on your Online Presence

Check out this cool infographic on what employers are thinking when they look at your social profiles, and how to avoid a bad first impression.

Social profiles can help you land or lose a job


Read the full article here: Fankhauser, Dani. “Job Seekers: Beware these Social Media Traps.” 1 Sept. 2012.