The Interview

So you’ve handed in your resume, heard back from the employer and secured an interview. Now it’s time to prepare for all the possible questions you could be asked and have answers ready at hand to avoid stumbling through something unexpected.

1. Denham Resources Video Interview Examples

Denham Resources has compiled a Youtube playlist of 16 commonly asked questions that an employer could ask you during an interview. The intro may be a bit cheesy, but stick with it. You’ll definitely walk into an interview feeling confident after building from the examples in the videos.

The first video in the series, answering the question, “Tell me about yourself,” is found below:

2. The Recruitment Guy

Check out the Recruitment Guy’s Youtube Channel – His video blogs address everything from the top 5 things employers look for to tips on what to ask your employer to how to secure a job as a surfing instructor. He’s got some great advice, and a killer accent to keep you watching. It’s worth a peek!

3. The Oddball Questions

“How many cows are there in Canada?” – An unusual question, but it was asked by Google during a job interview with potential interns. Competitive internships require fast-thinkers who can handle anything fired at them – If you’re applying to a job that had 500 applicants, the employer may get feisty and throw out a “non-traditional” question to try and catch you off-guard. So beware, and have your thinking cap on. Here’s a fun video of Oddball questions asked by top employers and some cheeky responses, compiled by Glassdoor.

Read more here: “The Most Oddball Interview Questions of the Year,” written by Forbes writer Jacquelyn Smith.

4. The FREE Complete Interview Guide eBook

Complete Interview Guide Book Cover

spark Hire offers a FREE complete interview guide eBook to help you prep for your interview. It includes dress tips, how to conquer pre-interview anxiety, how to handle a video, phone and in-person interview, and how to write a great follow-up email to the employer that will win you over to their hearts. Get your copy here!







4. How to ace a telephone interview

5. Check out these fun infographics!