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Landing a job often starts with a single sheet of 8 x 11, outlining your education, past work and accomplishments – while this standard resume works in some instances, a massive pile of resumes demands unique creativity to diversify yourself from the rest of the crowd. Indeed, a 2012 study by TheLadders – a job-matching site for professionals – said the average recruiter spends only six seconds on your resume before she or he decide if you are fit or unfit for the job! Check out what some job applicants are doing to spice up their resumes and make themselves stand out.


Acadiate compiles comprehensive and interactive online portfolios for students that are both clean and attractive to employers. Once you sign up, you are given the option to include a resume or CV, videos, portfolio documents (work examples, awards, or proof of credentials), references, and links to your own social media pages (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter). And did we mention all of this is FREE?

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This rising social medium connects you with other professionals, friends and potential employers, while showcasing your qualifications, skills, awards, career aspirations and past employment in a resume-style layout. If you don’t have one, it’s time to build one.

The video below was created by Career Services personnel Joy Schwartz at the Cox School of Business for  Southern Methodist University, and can guide you through the basics of how to set up a professional looking LinkedIn account.

Resume Target

resume-target-logo – one of My Career Info’s resume writing career partners – is a fantastic FREE resource for job seekers, offering career and job search advice, job alerts and links to resumé templates for to consult when tailoring your resume to the position you’re applying for. Browse through the site today!

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Visual Resumes

Visual resumes are particularly effective for a career in graphic design, visual art, or in social media and communications. There are numerous examples of people using such resumes to snag an employer’s attention, so if you’re feeling like spicing up your resume, take a peek at these collections for some different ideas!
Product Development Leader Visual Resume

1. Hannah Morgan’s Pinterest board of visual resumes

2. List of visual and graphic resumes, compiled by Mashable’s tech reporter Samantha Murphy.

Video Resumes

Applying to a highly visible job as a spokesperson, communications officer, media relations official, or other public relations role? Try out a video resume and use a medium that will show off your skills and abilities!

WhoPlus You

WhoPlus You is a digital resume platform that matches your academic work, community work, interests, awards and skills with jobs through computer searching, video presentations and visual resumes. Check out this video for more information or visit the website.

MyOwn TM


MyOwn TM is a personal marketing tool that showcases your skills and personality in a professional, digital resume. The site includes tutorial videos on personal branding, and uses a variety of widgets to help you display your work experience, community service, transcripts, activities, achievements, references, and interests. It even includes an optional COMPASS feature (for fee of $5) that places an infographic of your core strengths and attributes on your profile page to align you with employers in your areas of expertise. Visit the website for more information.

Write a Gorgeous Print Resume

If you can’t see yourself using any of the resumes above, then use the tips below to ensure you stand out to an employer once you hand this in – and don’t forget to meet the manager in person to ensure they have a face and a firm handshake to put with it!


Last Updated: April 29, 2015


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