Top Entry-Level Jobs for University Graduates


Post-university graduation life can be an unsure and scary time. But while the transition from the classroom to the real world is difficult, don’t be intimidated, as many companies desire someone with your skills, determination and knowledge.

While you’ll likely start at an entry-level position, companies love the the enthusiasm and new ideas grads bring to the table. Not sure what jobs you should apply for? No problem. Here are some ideas to help inspire you.


Show Me the Money!

While not everyone is about the money, you should, at least, know which common entry-level jobs pay the most. If you desire the highest first-year pay you can attain, take aim for investment banking. First-year salaries for investment bankers is nearly $115,000. A degree in economics, mathematics or business are all preferable, though not everyone has the personality for this cut-throat, competitive profession.

No. 2 on this list of money-making jobs is in software development. A degree in computer science can get you a starting salary of more than $84,000 per year. Furthermore, the demand for this job is predicted to climb in the future, so job security is a sure thing. Finally, your third best bet for a hefty payday would be to become an actuary. While your friends may be unfamiliar with this profession, actuaries typically work for insurance companies and calculate the risk of different events in order to set the price of insurance rates. On average, actuaries take home $79,000 in their first year.

Where Can You Grow?

For many university graduates, it’s not the money that draws them in, but rather the job itself. So, what are the best companies that provide career advancement for loyal employees? Check out the list of Canada’s top 100 employers. Ranked on attributes like workplace atmosphere, benefits, training and community involvement, this elite group is a great starting point for finding the right career fit for you.

The ‘Best’ Jobs

Of course, the best jobs for recent grads will vary on an individual’s preference, but remember, great jobs don’t always come with high salaries. If you want to make a difference in peoples’ lives, for example, an elementary school teacher is a wonderful job with philanthropic undertones. With steady national growth in this profession, not only is there always a demand for teachers, but job security will be assured in the future.

Consider teaching ESL overseas. Post-graduation is the perfect time to take a gap year. Do a little travelling before you put down roots. Experience another culture, gain a broader understanding of the world, give back to the community and, of course, make a little money. You won’t regret the experience!

Another fun and exciting job is that of marketing specialist. While this might be on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to an elementary school teacher, this job has seen immense growth over the last decade, and specialists believe that trend will continue. While knowledge of business is important for this job, so are insights in the area of consumer psychology.