Webinar: How to get your CV shortlisted for an interview

Three interview candidates sit in chairs with clocks in front of their faces.

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The CV (or resume) gets an average of no more than a 30 second glance when you hand it in. So how do you make it stand out enough so that you will be shortlisted for an interview?

In this webinar hosted by the co-founders of iwantmycareer.com, Enrica and Natalie, viewers can get advice from experience HR professionals and recruitment insiders on the best ways to optimize your CV.

Because of the video length, I have listed the subjects covered at specific points of time below:

  • Introduction (0:00-4:00)
  • The fundamentals of a great CV
    • Background on importance of CV (4:00)
    • Purpose of CV (5:20)
    • How to tailor your CV to a company (6:00)
    • When to use certain CV types (8:50)
    • Sections of a CV and their role (16:30)
    • DOs of the CV (23:15)
    • DON’Ts of the CV (27:20)
  • How to write a punchy profile statement which entices the recruiter to read your CV (30:00)
    • The four keys to writing a good profile
  • How to create strong achievement statements to convince the recruiter that you are worth of an interview (36:25)
  • Services offered at iwantmycareer.com to help with your CV and job hunt

Check out the recorded webinar below:

iwantmycareer.com will be hosting another webinar on “Ultimate Networking: Blueprint to Finding a Job” on March 21, 2014 at 8 a.m. Canada/Eastern time. Register in advance, then grab a coffee and listen in on the day of the webinar!