What can you expect in a social media job interview?

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Article originally published on TalentEgg. Written by Lauren Marinigh.

Social media is field with a lot to offer a recent grad or new professional!

While you may already have extensive skills using different social media platforms in your personal life, don’t assume you can ace an interview just by showing up.

Every organization has different goals and expectations of their social media presence, so it’s impossible to predict exactly what kinds of questions you’ll encounter in an interview.

However, there are a number of common topics that are almost certain to come up when you’re interviewing for a role that involves social media. Planning to discuss these areas of your experience is a great way to get your interview prep started.

Your experience with different platforms

To be the in-house “expert” on social media, you’ll need to demonstrate extensive knowledge of common platforms – and the skills to pick up new ones as needed.

Interviewers will often ask questions that pertain specifically to one platform or another, even posing specific scenarios related to social media use.

Personal use of social media is very different from business social media use. Make sure you research and understand the strategy involved with each platform, and be prepared to apply your knowledge to the employer’s questions.

It’s also important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and platforms. Be ready to discuss how to stay informed with the latest happenings in the world of social media.